Enroll for The 2024 University of Waterloo Scholarships in Canada

Do you want to study in Canada? We have good news for you! Applications for the University of Waterloo Scholarships are currently open. We will be talking about the Waterloo scholarships in 2024. The University of Waterloo offers a variety of merit-based scholarships for outstanding students. Waterloo wants to attract top talent, so they provide generous support.

Waterloo has entrance scholarships based solely on your admission grades. They range from $1,000 up to $20,000 for students with 95%+ averages. Some require separate applications, but others are automatically assessed. Entrance scholarships are renewable for up to 4 years of study.
Waterloo also offers in-course scholarships for current students based on your grades in university. They provide $500 to $10,000 per year. In-course scholarships often consider both grades and extracurricular activities. Many require a separate application detailing your achievements and goals.

Need-based scholarships and bursaries are also available based on your financial situation. They provide up to $15,000 per year to help offset the costs of tuition, books, and living expenses. You will need to fill out financial aid forms to determine your eligibility.
Once enrolled, don’t miss out on Waterloo’s opportunities for study abroad, research, and work-integrated learning. These programs provide scholarships and grants worth $500 to $5,000. They let you gain valuable experience, develop your skills, and boost your resume.

The Different Types of Waterloo Scholarships Available

To snag one of the many Waterloo scholarships available, you’ll first need to determine which type is the best fit for you. There are scholarships based on academics, extracurriculars, financial need, and more.

Academic Scholarships

If your grades are stellar, academic scholarships should be at the top of your list. The Faculty of Mathematics Entrance Scholarship, for example, awards $2,000 to students with an admission average of 95% or higher. The Science Entrance Scholarship provides $1,500 for students achieving 90% or higher in their science courses.

Extracurricular Scholarships

Do you have a skill or talent outside the classroom? Extracurricular scholarships recognize exceptional students who are leaders in athletics, arts, volunteering, and clubs. For example, the Fine Arts Entrance Scholarship awards $1,500 to students who have achieved provincial or national recognition in music, visual arts, dance or drama.

Needs-Based Scholarships

If your family faces financial difficulties, needs-based scholarships can help make your Waterloo dreams a reality. These scholarships consider your financial situation in addition to your marks and extracurriculars. The Entrance Bursary, for example, provides up to $6,000 for students demonstrating financial need.

Eligibility Requirements and Criteria for Waterloo Scholarships

To be eligible for Waterloo’s prestigious scholarships, you’ll need to meet some important criteria. Waterloo wants to support students who will thrive in their programs and contribute greatly to the campus community.

Academic Achievement

Most Waterloo scholarships require a minimum admission average of 85–95% or higher, depending on the program. Some also specify prerequisite course marks. For entrance scholarships, Waterloo will consider your final Grade 11 and 12 marks. For upper-year scholarships, your Waterloo marks are also considered.
Maintaining a high GPA (grade point average) is important for the renewal of most scholarships. Some scholarships also require you to take a full course load of 5 courses per term to remain eligible.

Extracurricular Activities

Many Waterloo scholarships value students with exceptional extracurricular involvement, leadership experience, and community service. Describe your participation in sports teams, clubs, volunteering, or other organizations. Explain any major accomplishments or positions of responsibility.

Financial Need

Some Waterloo scholarships consider financial need and barriers in addition to merit. Be prepared to provide details about your financial situation, family income, and expenses. Explain how winning a scholarship would impact your ability to attend Waterloo.


For some scholarships, you will need to provide reference letters from teachers, community leaders, or others who can speak to your character, work ethic, and potential. Ask your references early and provide them with details about the scholarships you’re applying for.


In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, you must submit a complete application for any Waterloo scholarship. This includes the general application on Waterloo’s website as well as any additional requirements specified for that scholarship. Submit all components before the deadline to avoid disqualification.

Tips for Putting Together a Strong Waterloo Scholarship Application

Putting together a strong application for a Waterloo Scholarship requires careful preparation.
Here are some tips to help your application stand out:

Focus on Your Grades

Waterloo considers your grades very closely in their evaluation. Maintain a high GPA, especially in math, science, and English courses. Strong grades demonstrate your ability to handle a demanding workload, which Waterloo values in potential scholars.

Include Relevant Extracurriculars

Participate in extracurriculars that highlight skills and interests relevant to your program of choice. For example, if you’re applying to engineering, participating in robotics, coding clubs or science fairs can strengthen your application. For arts, involvement in school plays, choirs or bands is advantageous. Waterloo likes to see applicants with diverse interests and talents.

Prepare for the AIF

The Admissions Information Form (AIF) allows you to demonstrate your passion for learning and share experiences that have shaped you. Start drafting your responses early and ask teachers or guidance counselors to review them. Be authentic in your responses, not what you think the university “wants” to hear. Share how you thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Apply Early

Apply as early as possible, ideally in the fall of your final year of high school. Early applicants are evaluated first, so applying early can increase your chances of receiving an offer, and possibly a scholarship. It also allows more time to prepare for additional requirements like interviews or auditions if invited.

Consider an Interview or Audition (if invited)

If invited to an interview or audition, prepare thoroughly. For interviews, review possible questions related to your program of interest and practice your responses. Be ready to discuss meaningful experiences, future goals, and how Waterloo can help you achieve them. For auditions, practice your pieces and skills to build confidence. Interviews and auditions are a chance for you to demonstrate your passion for the program.


Carefully review the requirements for any Waterloo scholarship you’re interested in. Make sure you understand what will be evaluated and meet or exceed all criteria to maximize your chances of success. With hard work and the right preparation, you can earn a prestigious Waterloo scholarship.

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