Harvard University Scholarships in USA – Apply (Fully Funded)

Are you interested in studying at the prestigious Harvard University? Well, your opportunity is here. Harvard University has consistently been ranked one of the top universities globally with state-of-the-art learning facilities, renowned professors, and world-class academic influence.

However, studying at Harvard can cost a fortune, especially for those with financial limitations. Thankfully the school offers diverse scholarships and financial aid to help ambitious students like you attend the school. In the blog post, you will discover some of the top Harvard University scholarships in USA to apply (fully funded). Read on.

Types of Harvard University Scholarships

Harvard University offers different fully-funded scholarships to students. Here are some of them:

1. Harvard Graduate School of Education Scholarships

To help students, especially those with financial constraints, HGSE offers numerous schools, grants, and financial aid. These HGSE scholarships are aimed at supporting students with their academic pursuits and are awarded on merit-based or financial needs. 

2. Harvard Law School Scholarships

If you are a JD student, you can also apply for need-based financial aid at Harvard University. The scholarships are meant to make legal education more accessible to students from across the world. 

3. Harvard College Scholarship

The Harvard college scholarship is open to brilliant international students looking to study at Harvard but facing financial constraints. The scholarship covers student’s tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses. 

4. Harvard Presidential Scholarship

Undergraduates at Harvard University who display exceptional academic excellence and leadership skills are awarded the Harvard Presidential Scholarship to assist them.

5. Harvard National Scholarship

The Harvard National Scholarship is open to students in the United States who display commendable leadership skills and academic excellence. Being socially active and impacting your community also increases your chances of being awarded the Harvard National Scholarship. The scholarship is aimed at reducing the financial constraints of selected students allowing them to focus better on their studies.

6. Harvard Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI)

This is a need-based scholarship at Harvard University offered to students from families with low annual incomes. It is aimed at reducing or eliminating the financial burden for those students, allowing them focus on their studies. 

7. Harvard Radcliffe Scholarship 

Undergraduate and graduate students at the university who have displayed exemplary academic performance and partook in community development are awarded the Harvard Radcliffe Scholarship. It’s a fully-funded scholarship opportunity that covers tuition, housing, and healthcare. 

8. Harvard College Women’s Center grants 

The Harvard College Women’s Centre offers different grants and financial aid to deserving female undergraduates who have displayed academic excellence.

9. Harvard Extension School Scholarships 

Next is the Harvard Extension School Scholarships. These scholarship opportunities are available for undergraduate degrees at Harvard Extension School. Students are awarded strictly on need-based and academic merit. 

10. The Frank Boas scholarship 

The Frank Boas scholarship is a scholarship opportunity at Harvard University opened to students of Luxembourg and Belgium already enrolled at the university. The scholarship is categorized into two types; the Frank Boas Scholarship awarded to students from diverse academic fields and the Frank Boas Scholarship for international legal studies, specifically for law students. The scholarship covers health fees, tuition, and accommodation expenses. 

Eligibility Criteria For Havard University Scholarships

Looking to apply for any of the scholarships I mentioned above? You need to meet certain requirements. While each scholarship has its requirements, below are some of the major ones: 

1. Good academic performance 

One of the major things that can qualify you for a Harvard University scholarship is your overall academic performance. You should have an excellent high school GPA and take different training and courses related to your field. Also, having passion scores in standardized tests such as the SAT is necessary. 

2. Community engagement 

Harvard University is a world-class university and aside from providing standardized education, they also contribute to their communities’ development. To qualify for the scholarships, you should have proven records of partaking in extracurricular activities in your community such as mental health awareness, personal care sensitization, etc. 

3. Possess leadership skills 

Having leadership skills is another criterion for getting a Harvard University scholarship. So, if you hold leadership positions in high school or community groups, you have a higher chance of getting the scholarship. 

4. Financial needs

Most Harvard University scholarships are need-based. This is determined through the family’s annual income, size, and assets. To qualify, you have to demonstrate that you truly need financial assistance. 

5. Standardized tests 

You also need to take and pass standardized tests such as GMAT for MBA scholarships to be eligible for some Harvard University scholarships. 

6. Recommendations

You may also be required to submit recommendation letters from your teachers, mentors, and any other person to back up your claims. 

7. Personal statement 

Write a compelling personal statement pointing out your experiences, skills, and unique propositions. 

How To Apply For Harvard University Scholarships 

Here’s how you can apply for a scholarship at Harvard University:

1. Determine if you are eligible 

Before applying for a Harvard University scholarship, check through the requirements to determine whether you are eligible. Most of the scholarships are either need-based or merit-based, analyze whether you fit into any of the categories. 

2. Get the application requirements 

Depending on the scholarship you are applying for, you may need to upload requirements like transcripts, personal essays, and recommendations. Ensure that the documents are updated and tailored to suit the scholarship’s requirements.

3. Fill in your application and upload the documents 

Carefully input the required details in the provided spaces and upload the necessary documents needed for the application. 

4. Submit your application 

After filling in the application form and gathering all the required materials, submit your application following the instructions of the scholarship – either through a specific portal or via mail.

5 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Harvard University Scholarship

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting the scholarship 

1. Begin early

You should start the scholarship application process as soon as possible. This gives you enough time to gather and upload all necessary documents and information without rushing. It also helps you meet the deadline for the application. 

2. Maintain a high GPA

If you are still in high school, ensure to graduate with a GPA as high as 4.8. This will increase your chances of being selected for the scholarship. 

3. Highlight your unique experience and skills 

Do you have any talents or experiences that might positively influence your application? Highlight them in your application to stand out. 

4. Write a compelling personal statement 

Write a compelling and engaging personal statement that highlights your personality, goals, and how you intend to relate with others at Harvard.

5. Partake in extracurricular activities

Demonstrate your involvement in other activities outside your academics by adding different extracurricular activities you engage in.

Final Words 

Studying at Harvard can be a life-changing opportunity for a lot of students. Especially those looking for an environment that offers standardized education and state-of-the-art learning facilities. So if you are looking to study at this university, above are Harvard University scholarships in USA to Apply (Fully Funded). Ensure to fill in the accurate information when applying, Good luck!


Can I get a full scholarship to Harvard?

Yes, you can. Harvard offers different fully-funded scholarship opportunities that are open to students from across the globe. 

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