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Do you want to continue your studies in Canada? We have good news for you! Applications for Université de Montréal Scholarships are now been accepted. We will go into great detail regarding this scholarship in this post, along with its advantages and a step-by-step guide for applying.

The Université de Montréal Scholarships 2024–2025 is a tuition fee free scholarship. International applicants are welcome to apply from anywhere in the world. These scholarships are available for study toward undergraduate, master’s and PhD. The maximum amount awarded by Montréal University Scholarships is $27,300 annually.

The purpose of founding University of Montréal was to provide higher education. In more than 135 years, it has developed into an organization that benefits society as a whole. Here are a few significant moments in our history.

Based on the Times Higher Education ranking, Université de Montréal is Canada’s third most international university with 10,000 international students. Every year, more than 7,000 permanent citizens of Canada visit UdeM. In terms of its graduates’ reputation among employers, UdeM is ranked 36th in the world by the Global University Employability Ranking.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate Masters / PhD
  • Institution(s): Université de Montréal
  • Study in: Canada
  • Courses Offered:  Students are eligible to enroll in any course that the university offers.
  • Program Period: Depends on the degree program
  • Deadline: February 1, 2024 / September 1, 2023

Scholarship Coverage

The following advantages will be offered by Université de Montréal Scholarships:


The sole factor taken into consideration while determining the size of the scholarship is the quality of your academic record. The following three levels are used to rank the analysis’s findings:

  • Level A: $11,998 per year (2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits) or $5,999 per session (15 credits) or $399 per credit
  • Level B: $5,718 per year (2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits) or $2,859 per session (15 credits) or $190.60 per credit
  • Level C: $2,000 per year (2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits) or $1,000 per session (15 credits) or $66.67 per credit

These sums are used toward the $23,662 annual tuition fees (30 credits).


An international student may be eligible for a partial exemption scholarship, which will spare them from paying the additional tuition fees that are often associated with their study.

  • $9,420 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $3,140 per session (equivalent to 15 credits)

This sum is used toward the $27,300 annual tuition fees (45 credits).


A full waiver of the additional tuition fees typically assessed to international students is offered to assist you in your graduate studies as an international student.

With this exemption scholarship, you can take advantage of the same fees as graduate students in Québec.

  • $19,339 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $6,546 per session (equivalent to 15 credits) for the entire duration of your studies.

This sum is used toward the $24,300 annual tuition (45 credits).

Eligibility Criteria for Université de Montréal Scholarships

To be eligible for the Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship, the applicant needs to meet each of the standards listed below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • Must be in possession of a study permit and not be citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
  • Must remain enrolled full-time in a study program for the duration of their studies.
  • must not gain access to another policy or program that exempts them from tuition fees in another way. For instance, Francophone students who are French and Belgian already have this kind of exemption.

How to apply for Université de Montréal Scholarships?

To apply for this scholarship, kindly adhere to the following instructions:

Apply for admission

Explore “Compass,” an interactive checklist that walks you through the necessary procedures to ensure a successful application and admissions process. Make sure you review the admissions requirements for the study programs of your interest and adhere to the application deadlines before submitting the application.

Follow-up on your file and receive an offer of admission

You will receive your “Student Center” access codes a few days after submitting your admissions application. You can track your application on this platform and get your acceptance letter offer.

Accept the offer of admissions to start the evaluation.

Applying for a UdeM Exemption Scholarship is not required. The eligibility of new applicants and the amount of their exemption scholarship will be determined after an evaluation of their files.

Receive the notice of award with the amount

The Université de Montréal will swiftly notify you via email of the scholarship amount to which you are eligible after receiving your admissions offer. This document should be printed and stored safely. It will come in handy down the road.

Go to the official website to learn more about the Université de Montréal Scholarships:

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